Will the hdj79 steering box fit a hj75

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May 2, 2011
Hi guys has anyone fitted a HDJ79 steering box to a hj75 cruiser I'm on my third steering box and they all seem lose when driving after adjustment. I have been led to believe the the early cruisers come from the factory like this.
Thanks for any info
Oh well no info in the later box fitting the hj75
I'm about to strip down a Hilux steering box and see if the internals are the same as the hj75 box the only difference I can see is the hilux has 3 bolt mounting bolts.
Stay tuned Mr coldtaco.
I have been led to believe the the early cruisers come from the factory like this.
Thanks for any info

My FJ73 had some slack when I bought it. I followed the directions in the FSM and it was as good as gold for the next 100000klm until I sold it.
How much play does yours have? The are supposed to move about 30mm before the wheels begin to turn but it doesn't feel like slack. Maybe yours needs a new sector shaft.
mine doesn't feel like slack, but I always have to correct the steering wheel if the road has even the slightest angle sideways, i.e. on highways.

steering wheel will never be dead straight in order for the car to go straight. I did wheel alignment and tightened the top adjusting screw so wheels do turn back after a turn.

in town and short drives its never an issue, but on long drives it does feel odd.

is that kind of "slack" normal? is the same with yours, ozcruiser?

my truck has 370.000 km.
2006 79 Series still have the old body style so their steering boxes will fit; at least South African market.
It's similar but mine is fine on cambers but in high wind it gets blown around and feels like a quarter turn to correct its line. I need to jack both wheels up and have a good look maybe it's those spring loaded tie rod ends collapsed again maybe time to replace with genuine Toyota parts this time around.

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