Will Ramsey Platinum 9500 work w/ ARB Bumper (1 Viewer)

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Jan 30, 2006
Denver, CO
My wife and I just relocated to Denver, CO from the Midwest, and it didn't take too long to discover that the wheeling opportunities are insane here. Because of this, we plan to do more four-wheeling, specifically using her LX470. It seems like the way to go, since our highly modified FJ40 can't hold the whole family.

I have a Ramsey Platinum 9500 on the FJ40 that I would like to use on the LX470 if possible. Can this winch fit in the ARB bumper?

Also, are there any other bumpers out there that are good for the TLC?

Does it have integrated solenoid?
Anything with integragted solenoid would not fit without modification.
Oh, man... That wasn't the answer I was looking for.

I guess it is off to market for another winch for the LX. Any suggestions?
Cheap 12000 lb ones on eBay
I saw a Nissan safari here with a 15,000 lbs Ramsey on an ARB bull bar.. I don't think a lot of fabbing or modding was involved to fit it.. I could always ask the owner but it's a safari though.. On the other hand, I was at a Ramsey shop here once and the owner claimed he could fit a Ramsey 12,000 lbs winch on my ARB's deluxe bull bar.. I know this doesn't answer your question, just my $0.02..

If you're going with another brand, I really like my warn 9.5XP.. not too light, not too heavy and perfect for my occasional use (no rock crawling etc.)..
Unfortunately, there are few aftermarket bumpers for the LX470. The ARB LC bumpers are not compatible with the LX's.

LX470 bumpers:
ARB Sahara
TJM T17, T1
and ?
Are the ARB Bumpers for the Trooper compatible with the LC? (Since I already have one)
VERY doubtfull unless they share the same frame

the Warn 9500xd(I think thats it) fits, thats what I have on my 100

Gene3x said:
Are the ARB Bumpers for the Trooper compatible with the LC? (Since I already have one)
Gene3x said:
Are the ARB Bumpers for the Trooper compatible with the LC? (Since I already have one)

This is a very simple thing to figure out. First measure the distance between the frame rails of your 100 and the mounts of the ARB. Second, measure the width of each frame rail and then measure the width of the mount that goes around said frame rail. If both of these measurements work out, then there are some other points to measure. My guess is that the first two measurements won't match up as there are so many differences from one model to the next; especially two models from two different manufacturers.

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