Will newer year heaters work in older 40's?

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Jun 2, 2006
Seattle, WA
After I got everything buttoned up on my cruiser, I noticed a coolant leak coming from the heater area (nice little stream of coolant on my passenger floor board area. This was nice considering I just finished rebuilding the cooling system and had everything working right.

I was wondering if later year heaters will bolt in with enough shifter clearance in the older FJ40s. I have a 67', it was originally a 3 on the tree, but later converted to floor shift and its pretty tight when I'm in reverse (the shifter hits the heater). Last night I took apart the lines and pulled the heater. I'm thinking I'll go heaterless for now and install a couple cut-off valves and cap the lines (the PO removed the original cut-off valve). With summer coming up, I shouldn't need one for a while (especially since the mufflers below my floors boards provide int. heat as well ;p).

I may just install one of those Mojave units from Flex-a-lite. But, if I can a heater that looks original and works well that would probably be a better option and cheaper.

Thanks for any input!
The flex-a-lite HQ is a few blocks from where I live, I tried calling them to see if I could get a hook-up price since we're neighbors and all, they just referred me to a local outlet.

Oh well, it was worth a shot.
The cores are the same, so you can just swap in a good core. I had shifter clearance problems when I installed my Tuffy console. I just removed the cane and bent it in a vice.
I have a good core if you need one, PM me.


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