Will Later caps fit over full float hubs

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Nov 19, 2005
Tasmania. Downunder Downunder
Will Later hub caps fit over full float hubs

As the title says just wondering if later style hub caps will fit over the hub/axle on a full floating rear end ?

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Don't know why they wouldn't. The locking hubs from the front will fit the rear.
I think the hubs stick out way to far for hub caps. But I do not have any caps to check for you. How about using front caps on the rear as well? :)
Thanx .
Would look a bit weird i would think
I don't have the rims or caps yet, but im looking. Bit scarce downunder, most rigs here ran split rims or wagon wheels, as you guys call them.
Was Hoping to do something like this On My 40s with 60s diffs

May just have to go with deep rims and no caps:crybaby: Just trying to do something a bit different from the norm for down in my part of the world.


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