Will it fit?

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Feb 19, 2003
Will a stock radiator from a 1970fj40 exchange and fit in a 1965fj40? I need a new rad. and rad.com only goes back to 1970 model. Thanks Ky-Hoosier
my 69-75-72-77 radiators all shared the same mount and hose patterns...don't see why yours should be any different.
I'm using a 1960 FJ25 radiator frame (it's a lot stouter) in my 1972 FJ40. I took the radiator tanks (unknown year) and had them put in a 4 core dimpled tube 16 fins per inch. I'm running this with a 283 sbc and no shroud. It runs 180 on the highway and 190 to 200 on the trail.
a local rad shop did mine as a 5-row...tight, but doable. Price was in the $200 range.
Thanks Woody $200 would be better than on the side of road with hot engine. I"ll do some checking around and see whats up with the recore job. Later KyH

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