Will factory mudflaps fit on a Slee rear bumper?

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Jun 27, 2005
Would like to be able to put factory rear mudflaps on a Slee rear bumper. Has anyone done this? Are the dimensions similar enough that it could be done w/o looking goofy? Would like to have something there when truck is not being used off-road ...

- Jim
so when its onroad? So you want asphalt-flaps? Its not designed to have the factory ones fit up like on some of the other bulkier bumpers. I wanted to be able to use mine too, so I took them home with me after I got the bumper put on. I threw them in the dumpster when I got home.
My rears fit with my TJM rear bumper, but they kept getting damaged wheeling, so I pulled them off.
Flaps suck off-road unless you have some way to tie/chain them up out of the way. Toyota flaps are the worst because they are molded in shape, not very flexible.

That said, to answer your question... no.
Not really and you wouldn't want them anyhow. Get stuck and back up once on the trail and you'll rip them right in half (ala 80-series flaps and side flairs).

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