will an 80 sereis relay rod end work on the kunckle side 60 series relay rod end?

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Aug 15, 2005
Lemoore, CA (south of Fresno) / Cortes Island, B.C
I am getting some wobble caused by an old 60 series right side relay rod end (knuckle side, not pitman side). Even if I get it super tight, after driving around for a few miles it loosens up some how even with the carter pin holding it in place. I think the ball on the inside has worn down casuing it to get sloppy. Can I upgrade that to an 80 series end (more like a TRE)?
The tie rod end on the pass side and the relay rod end on the driver side will change out with 80 ends. The opposite ends will screw in but you wont have a place to attach the relay rod or the steering dampner.
Yeah Dan. Grab it and bring it to the Bakersfield Ralley. Actaully, can you gab the entire relay rod with both the pitman and knuckle ends? Let me try it out. If it works better, we will talk about squaring up.
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80 and 60 threads are the same.
Just to make sure we are n the same page, I am talking about he drag link end circled here. I would also assume that an 80 sereis TRE would work at the pitman side as long as I don't need the steering stabilizer.
All 4 ends will screw into the corresponding end of the other truck. The tie rod ends on both trucks are 23 mm I think and the relay rod ends are 21 mm on each truck. Somewhere in that range. Point is if all your looking at is if they will screw into the rods then all of them will move from one truck to the other. Only two of them will work on the truck because of where they attach to the truck.

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