Will a FZJ80 rear axel fit an FJ80?

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Jul 25, 2006
Covington, LA
Newbie question, but I was wondering is by switching to the FZJ80 axel on my FJ80 I could gain a floating rear axel and disc brakes. What do you think? I've priced some on car-part.com and used ones seems reasonable enough.
I'm suprised that you haven't been bombarded with a bunch of "search" responses yet, as that is the normal answer here :D anyway to answer your question it is yes and a few people on here have done it already.
Yes it will bolt right up. There may be a trick to making the e-brake work correctly but I don't know what it is. I'm sure it been covered before.
Dont forget u will need 16" wheels to clear the brake rotors.
Maybe i should say that MOST 15" wheels wont fit.
I am running a 94FF rear in my 91. Bolted right up but you need the FZJ E-Brake cable. I think the 91 cable was too long by a couple of inches.
Thanks guys, I'm still getting aquainted with the search functions on here. Sorry for posting a thread that has already been discussed. I already have the 16" wheels off of a newer cruiser. So, that's taken care of. I just ordered my OME J front and rear springs yesterday, so I am about to tear it down and put 33" tires and the lift on. I thought that would be a good time to upgrade the rear axel to a full floater with disc brakes. I appreciate your opinions on this matter. Contrarry to what most people like. I prefer the old 2FE motor which is why I bought a 92 FJ80 I have two awesome FJ60 cruisers and I am a big believer in the 2F.
Did you even drive a 1FZ-FE . ?

Sure not that basic as 2F or 3F ( in the case of 80 series ) should be .. but sure much more powerfull.

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