Will a Cummins 6b fit in an 80...?

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Feb 5, 2006
Hi Guys , I spent the good part of the day buying a truck I really did not want at first ... I thought it was a 24 valve 6b ... turns out it was a 12valve with 100,000 ...it's like new .
So what to do with the motor ... I have the whole truck which is nice .
Has any one put a 12 valve in a land cruiser ... the weight would be my consern ...1000 lbs
I can sell it and just buy a 4bt ... the little cummins , the frame looks strong enought ... might have to replace the springs with air bags in the front ...?
later guys
Try the following first.
Read the threads that result from it.
A 6bt should work fine, just like the 4bt(I think)

But remember, you need to have at least 4 inches of lift to make either fit, its a tall engine.
Hey there Greg,
I too am looking to do the same thing. I already have the 12v 6bt in my garage. I just need the automatic transmission, and a place to install it.
BTW, why did you buy the truck if you really didnt want it?
let us know what your gonna do.
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Where in the world are you located? and would you be interested in selling it?
I havent been able to find any answers to this at all but does anyone know what would be involved in putting a 6BT in an 80?

Could you use stock tranny?, that kinda thing.
Hi Guys

Just back from a nite at the pub ... So ... It was a truck I was intrested in ... a friend told me about it ...it was hit in the front rear ... really no damage too the body ...it's allmost perfect ... the front rear is distroyed ... but the truck is in tacked ... Don't cry now ... 1325.00 usd ... including the tow .
it's been sitting for 3 years , but has been cranked over for time to time ...i have yet to fire it up , but it should be no problem ...I have 2 of these motors in other trucks .
This guy had zero mechcanical skills , I did not steal it from him ..I kind-a earned it ...it was a work out that I have been working on for 3 months now ...he wanted 4 grand back then .
I owned a body shop for over 15yrs , but only tinker these days .
As for my location northeaster of the US ... where getting snow tomarrow and I will get to try my new LX 450 ... They said 12 inches ...I hope .
As for the convershion I will do some reaseach ...I know the 4 BT is a few pounds lighter , but also under powered , I am a retired wench ...I have done many a conversion ... I will have to do a seach on converting the 6b to a chevy bell housing ...I could use the dodge trans but the transfer is the oposing side so I would have to go with a atlas transfer to switch to the other side for my drive shaft .
Right now my Lx 450 has a morning rattle ... besides that and it being a fuel hog ...it's like new.
So I don't have the heart to rip it apart ...but if it deside it to blow up on it's own I am ready to to the transplant .
So you guys say a body lift at the min ...
Not bad for a guy with a good buzz...LOL
Later Guys
6BT is 1000lbs dry and with 500lb/ft of torque or more, there seemed to be some concern about whether or not the toyota frame and axles could take that much power. Then again, that reference may have been about 40 and 60 frames so thats not exactly an equal comparison.
re; b6

Hi guys ...i was at my shop to day getting ready for the snow tonight ...12 inch's ... not to bad to run the LX450 ...I was geting the plow ready ...I had to tinker around with the cummins ... it's just about the same size block , but after the intercooler and huge rad ... they look smaller when your not trying to stuff them into a 80 ...LOL
I have 2 other cummins powered trucks ... both dodge ...I did get rid of the ford diesel ... nice block ... but every thing ford put on that was theres was crap ...LOL
I am leaning toward a bt 4 ... the nice thing about the cummins you can go with a hydra boost set-up for your brakes or like 97and under they had a oil bath vacume pump ... basiclly a rotory vain pump to create vacume ... that unit is connected with the power steering pump and driven off the engine gears .
The same pump will fit a bt4 or 6b and all you need is a vacume tank .
The trans would proibly be a turbo 400 and a atlas 2 transfercase ... lots of work ...LOL
There is a company arsco , they have just about every diesel engine .
They have that bt 4 with the turbo 400 ... around 3500 usd + ship.
Later guys

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