Will a 91 3fe fit in my 90 Fj62?

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It will fit but you will have to take all the accessories (motor mounts, a/c, power steering, alt, smog pump) off of your 62 series 3fe and use them. The crank may also have a larger bolt pattern which will require the 80 series flex plate come with the engine along with the bellhousing adapter which i think is different. Some of the sensors (water temp sensors) may need to be swapped also due to a difference in connectors. The distributor has a different connector also. I'm at work so I can be more accurate after I get home.
Why would he need these parts (motor mounts, a/c, power steering, alt, smog pump) off of his 62 series 3fe are they not the same 1990 3FE and 1991 3FE should have the same.
If the crank bolts are different that would explain why the clutch for my 89 3f not a 3fe is different than earlier clutch number.
They changed the position/configuration of everything under the hood when they changed body styles from 60 to 80 series. That's why you need to keep the ones from your old engine.
I heard there was a writeup in Toyota Trails, anyone know the issue?

I am buying a 3FE from an engine parts warehouse, how can I distinguish between the 3FEs on the VIN?
The distributors are actually the same. I have a
62 and an 80 side by side, and they have the same
connector and part number. I wouldn't have believed it either
except that, well, there they are.

SOME of the bracketry crosses, some does not.
Exhaust manifolds are the same.
The engine electronics are different. SOME
of the senders changed connectors- some didn't.
It's really a matter of setting the new engine next to
the old, and putting the appropriate bits on it.

The 'longblock' assembly's the same, with the possibility,
as Aseif noted, that the crank bolts are different.

Yep, it'll work.

There was a thread a while back with engine block numbers and
VIN's from various 3FE- equipped vehicles. It's not definitive,
but has quite a few data points.


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