Will a 70 series steering wheel fit on a 40 series? (1 Viewer)

Apr 15, 2022
High Desert
Hello, I'm converting my FJ40 to power steering and looking for a smaller diameter steering wheel to swap on.
I like how these two examples of 70 series steering wheels have 'Land Cruiser' and 'TOYOTA' script on the horn pads.
The style does look a bit out of place on a 40, but that's okay. However, I have no idea if these will fit without modification.
Has anyone tried this?

I've also read rumors that some 40s equipped with power steering from the factory came with smaller steering wheels.
If that is indeed true, where could one acquire such a rarity (or a reproduction)?

Keeping it Toyota definitely has a certain charm, but I'm not entirely opposed to an aftermarket option if it looks 'right'.
Any suggestions and pics are appreciated. Thank you.

70 series steering wheel.jpg

70 series steering wheel 2.jpg
Feb 1, 2006
Greece, Germany
It seems that it has been factory fitting on the Power Steering equipped Bandeirantes of the ninties (till the end production year, 2001), look at their 1994/95 brochure:



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