Will a 2F valve cover fit a F head?

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Aug 13, 2004
Normandy Park Wa. ........now in San Diego Ca.
I cant seem to get the orig. F valve cover to seal right, replaced gasket but still leaking...not much...just enough to :mad: piss you off.
yes it will
My previous truck (74) had a 78 2F v/c on it and it worked great. The later 2F (fj60) v/c won't work. Too short (height).

I pitched that worthless peice of tin 2 years ago and put on a 2f cover on mine, no leaks anymore

Oh and no one mentioned, you need to use a 2f gasket too
Straight bolt on for a 67-74 engine. Won't work with the earlier ones tho.

You'll also need the 2F gasket, the 2F acorns and grommets.

If you're running a stock air cleaner, you'll need a couple of elbows for the double dogleg in the PCV hose from the valve cover to the air cleaner.

If you use a 79-80 valve cover, you can reuse the 73-74 oil filler cap. If you use a 75-78 valve cover, you'll also need the press on filler cap.

AND, if it's on a pre-72 F engine, you'll end up with TWO oil filler caps!;) :cool:

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