Will 33's work?

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Mar 23, 2010
Hey guys,

I have a quick question. I have a 62 with stock suspension and 33's fitted, on the road this combo works fine. But how will this combo go off road?

I am planning a trip away to the Victorian high country and don't want to be caught with shredding the inner guard.
You will rub when flexed. 2" lift is required for 33s, 3" for 35s apparently. Not sure how bad youll shred the inner guard but it wont sound fantastic if your running serious muddies
A lift won't stop the rubbing, it will make it rub less though. A lift changes your ride height, suspension travel up will be unchanged and is limited by your bumpstops (and obviously tyre/body contact).

Sometimes the rub will be worse when turning, you can aleviate this by adjusting your steering stops. The downside being your turning circle will increase.

Personally on my 60 the 33's have minimal rub, not enough to warrant any modification. Just take it easy on trails that stuff your wheel into your guard.
it will rub bad offroad.... a 3inch suspension and 2inch body lift would generally solve most rubbing offroad.
20 yrs ago I installed some (horrible) Dick Cepek Fun Country 31X12.5R15 tires and THEY rubbed a bit with a 2 inch suspension lift when off road. Sold them quick.
I'm kinda surprised it doesn't already rub! Those 25 year old springs tend to have sagged quite a bit by now.
Do a medium OME 2" lift and improve the stance and offroad performance. I never like the look of a stock 60/62.
Thanks for the info guys, I will be doing a 2" lift when I get some funds. On another note. Can anyone tell me how the 2H goes in the snow. The glow plugs are new. But just wondering how they are on starting and running.
I have 255/85r16 muds with no lift and it doesn't rub at all, for winter i have 33x10,5x15 which is a bit smaller.. but i would never run a 33x12.5 without a lift and offsett wheels

My 2h is fine in the cold but I have 24volts so that helps, and the little blind you pull over the radiator .. But I still plug in the block heater to avoid cold starts, engine will last longer ;)

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