Wilderness First Aid Class in Sedona

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Nov 15, 2004
In the West
I will be holding a Wilderness First Aid class in Sedona on July 9th & 10th.

This is a great class for anyone who recreates in the outdoors and is essential for trail leaders. I have certified many, many Toyota enthusiasts already.

The class is 16 hours-2 days and certifications come through the American Red Cross and are valid for 2 years. I am an authorized Red Cross Instructor and Instructor Trainer as well as being a Wilderness First Responder through NOLS/WMI.

This class covers how to recognize and respond to first aid emergencies in the back country. Emphasis is placed on patient assessment, reading and monitoring vital signs, spinal stabilization, wound management, splinting and much more. We hold lots and lots of realistic scenarios that build on complexity.

PM me or email me for more information! kristinahall at mac.com

You can read more here---

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How much?
Normal cost is $250.00 per person, but for club members it would be $225.00. Includes a 2 year certification with Wilderness First Aid and CPR.

I need 6-9 people to make the class efficient--so let's round up some friends and folks and get certified! This class is essential for trail leaders!
Maybe bad timing? A bunch of us who may have been interested, just got trained/certified by the forest service as part of the TRAL program for volunteer project leaders, patrol, etc, efforts.
I think that is awesome that you guys all got trained and certified!! I love it--it is great knowledge to have--
Is the class still a go? I saw your post on Expo about attending the AT open house. I'm interested in the class but I'd also like to make it to the open house.
I will probably reschedule this class to July 16th & 17th and we may be holding the class in Prescott. I will keep you in the loop! And see you at the open house!

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