Wifes Tacoma needs a lift

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Mar 11, 2006
Minden, NV
I am usually on this site for my FJ60. I am glad to see that it caters to other Toyotas as well.
My wife drives a 2005 Tacoma double cab short bed 4x4. She wants me to lift it to fit 285/75/16 tires under it. I figure it will need a 3" lift. I have found one from Pro Comp. Its pretty much a spacer lift with add a leafs for the rear. It also says there is a diff drop bracket that comes with. Has any one used or heard of this lift? Its way less than the coil over stuff or the OME. It also seems a ton easier to install than the REV TEK. Thanks for the help.
OME is an excellent lift. I'm not a fan of Pro-comp. I have a set of Donahoe
front coilovers and Deaver 8-pack leafs/wBilstein 5100 series rear shocks.
This lift is almost 3", just right for me...
If I didn't have an ARB w/winch up front I too would have gone OME! My friend
has the OME and the ride is excellent.
I have some Donahoe Coilovers and Deaver (10-leaf) springs I need to sell. I bought them 1 year ago for 1600(1800 w/tax & shipping), I will sell for 850. If you're still in the market or just have ?'s, get in touch...they fit 2005+ Tacoma's
I have an ad under parts on the forum
Check - Mud Vendor - Toy Tec lifts. I got my Tacoma Kit from them, The have a kit that is not too expensive that will give you 3" front and back, and It uses the factory shocks (w. new OME coil springs)up front and an Add a leaf kit in back. so it's less expensive.


After -
Just picked up All-pro's coilovers, rear springs, f/r lockers, u-bolt flip kit, diff drop and long travel cv boots. I'll post up some pics when we finally get the kit on the truck. BTW it's my brothers 96' and everything only cost ~1400 including shipping.

I am thinking all OME coils and shocks (approx 2" lift) OR JAOS Battle Z coils and Tokico trek master shocks.

i have the cash - just want to make sure I get good quality stuff that will last and have a decent ride that is not to harsh.

I do not carry huge loads or tow anything with my Surf.

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