Wife Says The Headliner Is Wet

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Dec 23, 2004
DId a search but didnt find anything that would help me find where the water is coming from, and seems to be gathering at the speakers in the rear above the rear side windows. ROOF RACK???? I got some FIPG today anybody done this?? ANy help is greatly appreciated

More information is needed. What year is the vehicle? where EXACTLY is the headliner wet? Does it have a sun roof?
its a '96 with a roof, the headliner is wet in the corners above the rear slider windows around that speaker up there.
Sounds like roof rack to me. Somebody around here has a roof rack gasket kit but I don't rember who. Lots of folks remove it, but I kinda like it.
Good luck,
I believe landtank has the gaskets

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