Wife likes the 4runner better than the LC


Sep 16, 2005
Ponte Vedra, Florida
Drove the 4runner to vegas since it gets better mpg. Wife drove the LC while I was gone for 4 days. When I got back she commented that she liked the 4runner better than my LC. Stated it handled better and had a firmer ride, plus she liked the seating better. Am I a lucky guy or what :) I like the LC better and she likes the 4runner, no fights in the future over who drives what vehicle :) I find the seating on the 4runner has very short leg room but she is only 5'3" so it works for her. She likes the sports car feel of the 4runner and I like the luxury car feel of the LC. The 4runner has the Xreas shocks and works well on the rough gravel washboard roads that she drives to her job (no need to do any rock crawling :) ) If any of you are looking for another vehicle for the wife and she is girl sized you might look at 4runners and save yourself some $$$. That way you can keep her out of your 100 series.
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