Wife booted me out, everythings got to go - 80 Truck and parts

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United States
:crybaby: Due to eminent marital status change, I must part ways with my trusty 96 FZJ80. It has the folling equipment mounted or still in the box, and is located in St. Louis, MO.

BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A Load Range E ($800)
TRD SuperCharger (Still in box, opened once to inventory parts) PTR01-60955-01($3250)
3 INCH Front Control Arm drop Brackets 90-97 FJ/ZJ80($225)
80 Series Rear Panhard Rod Drop Brackets($165)
Slee Tube Sliders SOF1004 ($895)
Slee Light Harness IVA-200w($45)
Alpine Head Unit w/ HD receiver and iPod integration Stereo Head Unit ($1000)
AlpineSpeakers and amps ($800)

That's over $8000 in parts when new and nothing has over 4000 miles on it other than the radio. I am trying to sell all the parts for $5000 and I'll throw in the Truck for free.

The truck has 202k miles on it. The body is in rough shape, it has a P0401 light on, the rear brakes are weak, but it has never let me down. It just past MO inspection 2 months ago.

Again, the location is St. Louis MO and I am looking for any comments or advice on selling this equimpment.
I wish I had some Super Charger money lying around...

...I am looking for any comments or advice on selling this equimpment.

As far as advice, I'd post in the "Classifieds" section of 'MUD.

Good luck and I hope everything irons-out wrinkle-free.
Pictures of the rig?
I'm in St. Louis (actually chicago until Wednesday) and I've got CASH in-hand. Email me or PM me and we can make a deal this week (did I mention CASH?).
I lke the OME kit but shipping charges to the Island will kill me. Good luck!
I'm confused. The posting said "still in box" but then "nothing has over 4,000 miles on it". Is the TRD Supercharger already installed on your truck?

I think some of the items, at least the SC, is/are still in the box, but the rest have been installed and he's driven the rig for less than 4,000 miles on it since getting them installed.

Or something like that...

A complete vehicle history, issues that need to be resolved, as well as current pics of the rig would help immensely in selling your vehicle (If you haven't sold it already, that is!)

Good luck!!
That's correct, the SC is still in the box. Everything else is installed. I would have already had pics but I forgot that I don't have a digital camera anymore. Some local members are looking at my truck tomorrow, but if that doesn't go anywhere I'll add some pics and more info.
sell the supercharger by itself? price?
Interested in the supercharger if you'll sell seperate.

PM me if you'd like.


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