wierd wiper wire job by p/o

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Feb 26, 2009
I am just starting to find wire issues in the 77 that I bought, attached pictures show how p/o had wired wipers, they obviously did not work for him and still do not work now. He has a single switched terminal connected to the plug as in photo, one hot wire leading to washer motor. I have one keyed hot lead at the connector at the wiper motor, I am guessing there was a problem somewhere in the harness to begin with and that is why the p/o tried to bypass the issue , however I assume he would have only one speed. (It has one speed now and that is OFF.)
would it be easier to try and make up a new harness for the wipers (I would need someone to draw me a REAL SIMPLE diagram on how to do that ) or try to figure out the original issue. I tested the motor it works on both speeds. original switch is good. Is there a hidden fuse some where I need to look for? which fuse in the panel is for the wipers they all look good but some corrosion and should all be replaced. Oh ya there was a bunch of expandable spray in foam in the wiper motor area as well? Thanks in advance.
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