Width of Sunroof Measurement

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Nov 19, 2006
I'm trying to see if a stock sunroof deflector for a 100 series will fit on an earlier series LC as the earlier series are no longer available.

Can anyone measure the full width of the open sunroof on their 100 and post back?

Measuring the width of the deflector would be helpful but measuring the sun roof opening would be even better because I can compare that with my sunroof opening. I just want to make sure before I order.

I can measure mine - assume you want the very front edge width? I ask because I seem to think it bows very slightly.

Actually I don't think it does bow.... approx 40.75" from outside seal to outside seal.
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So here's the scoop on the 100's OEM shield. Allow +/- 1/16" or so from what you see.

measured outside rubber to outside rubber:


measured center to center of hold-down clips. the bolts go into clips that fit between the sunroof gasket and body. this is probably the most critical measurement as you'd have to drill new holes which wouldn't be reinforced and prone to cracks.


I took mine off because it's significantly more quiet with it off and the sunroof open.
Thanks for the accurate measurements -- very helpful. I measured the sunroof width on my older LC and it was just a shade under 42". Based on your measurements, I think it the wind deflector for the 100 will work.

If anyone else with a 100 could measure the actual sun roof width (at the widest part) and let me know if it is close to 42" I would appreciate it.
Thanks to all. I the end I found the sunroof on the 100 series to be 42 inches wide which was the same with and my earlier series LC. Just what I suspected.

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