Why's your tire on the right?

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Apr 9, 2003
San Rafael
This is sort of trivial, but I came across a guy who is fabbing 80 bumpers, and I can pick which side to have the tire. He says they are set up to have it on US drivers side (left), but I see Slee and Kaymar are usually on the right. In terms of road travels, seems a right side mount would make for lousy access, if say your parked parallel at a curb.

Any reason for the right side mount, rear window visibility must be one...

I'm having it made with swing out tire on one side, and a swing out ladder to get my short 5'7" ass up to my gear, kids gear, wifes gear, Kayaks etc...And a hi-lift mount.

Here is a pic of what it'll be like, except he said he is putting tires on the left now....

Any special requests, you would add to a bumper if you had one made. Light tabs, antenna mount etc???
Can he make me one too??
How much??

One reason is so it doesn't open into traffic.

In addition, a sneaky person can fit a NON-US FACTORY license lamp/mount assy to the LH side of the 80 series tail gate to give one that certain "factory" look.***

As far as tire access is concerned, one would normally remove and replace the tire on a closed rack because that is more stable.

***(Pictures to follow when I finish it up....... :D )

I heard (and it makes sense) that usually the tires are on the side OPPOSITE of where the driver sits. This is to balance out the truck. I dont know if that is BS..but it makes sense. I ususally drive alone..and if both my F.A. and the tire were on the same side..i can gruantee the truck would lean. If the tire is opposite side of me..then the rig is more balanced.

Also, you dont cover up the toyota emblems with the tire on the right side :D

you didnt mention a high lift jack mount on the rear bumper..

good luck and post pics when done.

joe m

that is definitely not the reason because the Toyota stock rear carrier on all NON-US rigs is on the right. If you have a left hand drive or a right hand drive.

My carrier open up in the road and it is the same side like my wheel. No other choice from TOY. Maybe it is because 3/4 of the world is driving on the right side. :D

HI lift jack for sure on there, My emblem is in the middle, so that aint a problem, It wouldn't really open into traffic too far if it opened to a 90 degree angle to get the tail gate down, although that is a good point C-Dan.
As far as the plate goes, I will have the ladder on the Left, so C-Dan, I'd love to see pics, and can some sneeky person aquire this non-us plate rigging?? Due to I could switch the tire/ladder around pretty easy, spindles on both sides....Or I'll see if I can pick up a plate rig from Slee.

Bumper aint cheap, same price as a Slee, but no shipping as i can pick it up, and he'll install it. Plus it has the second spindle and the ladder, which I really like, which can be removed and swap in his double jerry can holder.

Part of his installation wil be removing about 2" from the rear of the frame for a better departure angle....I was concerned about this, but His work is sweeeet and he knows what's up, more than me anyhow.....any comments on having someone cut off half of that huge piece that sticks off the back???? The Bumper will also have a hitch reciever tied to the frame.
03Dec2003 (UTC -8)

I put my spare tyre on the right because I want to see the face of the rice-rocket driver in my rear. It helps me predict what they'll do next on the highway. Additionally, it's amusing for me to see the horror on their face when tailgating me or simply cutting in to my rear in Los Angeles traffic or Bay Area US101 -- I suddenly stop and my big black bumper suddenly looms up their faces.
I prefer mine on the left because it allows me to look back better when 4 wheeling and checking my blind spots. Typically you cannot turn completely around and see what is directly behind you anyway (on the left). To check the left when backing up or manuevering while wheeling I can always stick my head out the window or open my door to check the left side. I can't easily do that to check the right, so I enjoy the clear view to the right. Also, on my 60 which had OME springs and had the typical Cruiser lean, the tire balanced out the rig.

I'm also a guy who prefers two swingouts split in the middle as to one long swingout. The long ones can be a pain to try to open on an off camber trail as they hit the ground sooner. Also the pivots don't have as much pressure on them when you distribute the accessories between two short pivots instead of long one.
As far as losing 2" off the back of the frame rails, seems a bit much but I cant see how the new one will mountnad cover etc.... as far as the crossmember it is pretty cheesy anything over 1/8 plate will be more sturdy than that. agian get us some pics during mounting and how much he removes form the ends of the rails. also interested in how he is tying a tow hitch in as that is what I plan on doing to mine.

I have a design for a thru-bumper 2 inch receiver for my Slee bar. I'll also post on that when I am finished.
I have it mocked up and it will bolt in so that the bumper can be removed if necessary. The only drawback is it will prohibit putting a tire under the vehicle and the longranger fuel tank will not fit. I also plan a smaller fuel tank to mount ahead of the frame support for the hitch. The lowest part of the rear of the vehicle will be the bottom of the rear bumper mounting bolts.

Here are some preliminary pics of this bumper. It is interesting to see. I have not seen it in person yet. I have seen a similar bumper on 60's and 70's and this will be the fifth he's made for an 80. It's cool dealing with a small shop, I also like giving them my dough, not that there are any big shops making stuff like this. I think I'm gonna have him weld some more front end protection to a Slee front bumper some day as well.... :beer: :beer:
I have mine on the left and will have a ladder on the right (shoot me some more pics of that latter if ya can when you get a chance please), and will have a separate swing arm for long trips that will carry a second spare (no ladder) for long trips like to Moab etc for next season.

I prefer the left :flipoff2:so that when I'm unloading while para parked, I don't have to walk around it all the time. With having a 2 year old son, that's kind of important since a lot of crap goes in the back. :D
Hey Junk,

It'll all get installed around xmas,,,I'll send you pics, it'll be real similar to that 70 at the top up there....Ditto on the kid ordeal, and it made sense for curb loading, not having a tire in the way, at least the ladder is a tad smaller to walk around. I'm assuming the ladder will be removable, so's I can take it off for when it aint needed ('sep fo strappin' yo mama to da roof).
Hey, if you can lift my momma that high, more power to ya. :flipoff2:

Looks great so far, so will be itchin to see more pics.
BTW, does that guy have any ties to 4x4labs? It looks very similiar to a 60 series set up I saw in the Spring.
good call on hacking off the fram. I am working on my rear bumper over the holidays and will hack off at least that much. looks like these guys are giving you a great product......by the way props for supporting the locals......lookin good
Yep...Luke Porter 4x4 Labs, I have no affiliation, but saw that 70 and thought he did a sweet job on it's bumper. Then a norcal 80's guy said they were going to take a crack at some 80's bumpers, and, well, four months later I'm actually getting one. I was '''this'''' close to getting Christo's, but I sure like the second spindle and ladder for my short ass!
About the same price, and my cash stays in Cali....no offense to Christo (love your sliders). Always support a local shop when possible!!!

Now if I can just get away from this farkin career of mine and do some wheelin'!!!!
Well, I can guarantee you that since he's doing it, it will be top notch. Will defintely be looking forward to seeing more pics. :D

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