Why you should label wires...

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Mar 27, 2003
The weekend before last when I did my (still weak) horn upgrade I needed to tap into some 12v ignition switched power. Looking at my handy electrical book for the 80 I find the center diff relay in the drivers kick panel. 30 Amp will be fine to tap into and I really doubt that I would ever need to use the horn while in low range or center diff locked. The relay seemed to be the perfect place to tap in. Until...........I removed the kick panel and saw what I have managed to accumulate over the years...So I had to give myself one of these :slap: and one of these :rolleyes: and decided I would take a different approach.
Sorry large picture....More detail....

You have a fire extinguisher, right? :eek:
I am surprised he doesn't have some squirrels in there....such an attractive little nest!
You win the Peter Brady "Octopus of the Week" award! Congratulations! :flipoff2:
Weird, I am craving spaghetti now :D
What a kanundrum!
the PO of my 40 had it looking like that, and 40's don't have that many electrical gizmo's. haven't followed them all up yet, but over half don't go anywhere, including ones that started at the fuse box
Fire extinguisher? If a fire starts....I am running like hell...
Believe it or not all those wires actually go to something.
I REALLY wish I would have labeled them NOW. I didn't
expect it to end up that way. Someday I will tighty it up in there. ::)

Is that a Bullodg starter? How well does it work? Someone gave one to me but I haven't installed it in the wife's Subaru yet....
It is not a Bulldog, I do remember what it isn't, I think it is something like Design Tech??
Gumpy? Oops, "How Well does it work" not bad, if you are close enough the range is very limited. I think there was an extra thing I could have bought to
extend the range, but I didn't. They are handy though. I open the garage and start the cruiser in the AM on cold days.

Yes that remote starter is made by Design Tech.
I have one and it works well. If your in your sleeping bag in the
back and it's below zero, just hit the button, she starts, and
warms right up. Their number is 1-800-337-4468. They are out
of Springfield, VA. I'm not sure if I got mine directly from them or
from some other company. Here is the link.
Hey Photoman, that looks like mine compliments of the PO. I even have a 10' cord with a an RCA jack wrapped up inside the left hand footrest in the left which I assume is a pre-amp out from my stereo. After removing two previous looms from old foglights now long gone, I have been afraid to deal with this mess because I can't figure out what else is what (there is stuff from a cell phone and what looks like an old alarm in there for a start, and even a little 3x 5" box speaker on a pivot bracket which comes from god knows what). IF anyone has a picture of what it should look like please post as it would help me a lot.
Ya it's funny how it sneaks up on you one wire at a time. You
install something and don't mark the wires thinking that's
the only thing you will ever install. Next thing you know you
have a rat's nest and don't have a clue where anything goes
or comes from without a PITA trace out of the circuit. I'm in
the same boat.
Hey Mikey,
Think I can bring my rigs up there for you to do some wiring for me? I would like the same look on all my rigs. :ban:

you're a riot...

I resized the image so you can see the mess in all its glory :'(


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