Why won't my Cruiser shut off?

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Dec 31, 2005
Close to the Country, Hawaii
First a little info of where I'm at. I put a Downey fuel injection kit in my project Cruiser. I have a painless wiring harness in it as well. So the whole Criser has been re-wired.

Yesterday I started it up for the first time. It fired right up but my alternator pulley was hitting a bracket, no biggie so I shut the engine off a/ made the adjustment. On the second start-up, again it fired right up, but was running a bit rich, I can see white smoke a/ smell gas, the smoke is NOT oil. So I shut it off again, this time the fuel pump continues to run even w/ the key out of the ignition. I disconnected the battery to kill te pump. I check all my sensors a/ fire it up a third time, again it starts right up but on the third start-up, I can't get the motor to shut off. It was still running rich a/ at high RPMs, which I still need to mess w/ the timing a bit. I had to kill the motor by unplugging the wires going to the dizzy.

My biggest fear was that I was never going to get my Cruiser to run after the frame-off, now it's how I'm I going to shut it OFF!!!:bang:

Any suggestions would help,

Try the diode at the alternator with the cathode (stripe) pointing to the alternator. In the newest instructions on the Painless kit, it'll give you the Ripoff Shack part # and where to install it. Another problem I encountered in the Painless instructions was connecting the Coil + wire in the 75 or later ignition switch. The instructions tell you to connect it to the White with Blue stripe wire coming from the switch. I found that this is a direct feed from the alternator and will cause your coil to continually run once started. I moved my Coil + wire to the Brown colored Accessory wire and now I shut off without issue.

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