Why no "flip pac" for the 80?

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Oct 27, 2003
North Cadillac
With RTT's becoming more and more popular, along with innovations like what Landcruiserphil has with his pop top 80 from campteq, i am curious why, if you are willing to cut the top on the 80 series, why not have a flip over full RTT like you see on tacomas' and jeeps?

In theory, closed, it would look just like landcruiserphil (not picking on you but you have a great truck to use as an example) truck. Then, when you set up, instead of it just raising partly, it flips all the way over the front hood and is anchored into the front bumper with two support legs.

Seems to be the ultimate answer. Ample room, up off the ground, super low profile while driving for better aerodynamics, lower profile for center of gravity issues.

I agree, it's not cheap, and i'm aware of that. But neither are many of the RTT options out there, neither is having your roof cut up and have a campteq pop tent placed on top of your 80 (if they are still available).

Would welcome your comments.
I don't see much benefit over a typical RTT. Sure, maybe some better aerodynamics but you end up with more weight up on the roof which would change the COG for the worse. IMO it seems like a lot of work for something that is essentially the same as other options already out there. If the only real gain is better aerodynamics than purchase a hardcase RTT.
I am enjoying the james baroud thoroughly

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