Why is my 80 leaking?

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Nov 11, 2019
BC, Canada
Hey guys, so I'm not fully versed on the anatomy of a HD-T engine so I'm hoping you could help me out with this leak.
Seems to have started a few weeks ago, noticing that my front axle is looking more moist than usual. It appears to be diesel, but I'm not sure where its coming from and how severe of an issue it is/what parts i would need to acquire to fix it. Its hard to tell exactly where the leak is, everything on that side is coated with a film of oily grime and really hard to get in and around each hose/wire to clean it to determine exactly where it might be coming from. Wondering if there are any common culprits in these engines. Photo is from underneath/top the front axle passenger side (RHD). Is this the fabled ACSD everyone talks about deleting, or some other common area to start leaking after 240k kms engine life?


I get the same grime from my power steering pump, I would check to see it the fluid you are seeing is power steering or fuel

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