Why extend the locker actuator breathers?

Jun 7, 2005
Portland, OR
I'm extending the front differential, rear differential, transmission, and transfer case breathers using an ARB kit. I've seen people also extend the locker actuator breathers, but I'm wondering why, considering the factory breathers integrated with the harness seem more than sufficient. I'm not sure where the front actuator breather/harness terminates, but I believe the rear ends inside the truck (driver rear quarter panel).

If there's a good reason, can I tee into the diff breather line? If that's not a good idea I'll buy another ARB kit (I want it to match :flipoff2:).


M Go Blue
Aug 18, 2003
Nashville, TN
I see no need to extend the front actuator breather. The wiring harness from the front locker extends to another connector near the firewall in the general area underneath the cruise control actuator. If water gets to that level you will have much greater problems with water ingress into the distributor and other electrical components in the engine bay and the interior will flood to the point of damaging the ECM and other electrical components under the dash.

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