why does my 60 stutter?

Oct 22, 2004
Clemson, SC
Ok I just got back from a 600 mile round trip this weekend. On my way back yesterday I stopped for lunch then when I got back on the road it started. When I put it in first and press on the gas it stutters really hard, then I have to skip 2nd due to my tranny(another problem to be discussed later) so I put it in 3rd and it goes but it's like it is very slow acceleration, like no horsepower. Then I have it in 4th and up to speed and I can feel it in the pedal, it will decelerate/lose power for a second then will go back to normal. Didn't time it but it'll be normal for a few min then it will act up. And it doesn't slow down very much only like a mile or 2 mph less than my speed. Another example, tried to pass someone and there was no acceleration to get around him, had the foot to the floor. Got home and clean the K&N air filter didn't help it. Has a fairly new fuel pump on it. Could it be my fuel filter? Thanks
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