Why do you love your 60?

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Oct 12, 2004
I love mine tonight because I just had sex in it, and I am 6'2 or 6'3 and I fit in it perfectly!!


The rear seats fold flat and fit a queen size mattress.

Because I can destroy Lexus after Lexus and drive home afterwards.
Because its paid for. :)
because its badass
:rolleyes: ....um..alittle TMI!
because i can push it through a 3' snow drift, and any repair i do is still cheaper than the 370 bucks i oay for my wifes care every month...AND....
its at 214k, and runniung like a top!
I love my sixty because they're not common.
Living in North America you'll find Fords, Chevys, Jeeps and Dodges everywhere but to own a 60 AND to have it set up SOA with 37s as opposed to most 60 mall wagons, I get people on the roads in their brand new SUV with all the bling, rubbernecking just trying to figure out what the hell I'm driving (I have no badging except for the grill).

The fact that I have the 3B engine doesn't hurt either - slow and steady.


They say that you should never fall in love with your first LandCruiser...

...Too late.
Cause I got it for $1300, and after a few (ok many) hours of wrenching it is still ugly and full of rusT. BUT, it now runs like a champ and has some serious offroad prowess.

My main fear now is it will all be fixed soon and I'll need to find another basket case to wrench on.
beacuse there is nothing better than going to a private school and seeing everyone else drive mercedes and bmw's and then i roll into the parking lot in the fj-62...and people still look at my ride
I love my 60 because it smells like an old truck. Because people wave at me. Because people ask me what that 'military lookin' truck is that I drive. Because it will grunt its way as far into the backcountry as I want to take it. Because its still a truck, not a huge camry with 4wd.

it gives my girlfriend something to bitch about .... until we get easily unstuck from the snow after a 10" storm in Tahoe.

otherwise, it's nice to depend on a vehicle that's paid for and i still like driving.
Because it's not a 100.
it doesn't break. when everyone else I know gets stuck, they call me first (ok, I don't *love* that part, but it is fun).

It's comfortable enough.

Plenty of room inside for hauling stuff (just moved a refrigerator yesterday).

And it just doesn't break. which is really nice in this area of car-eating roads
Yeah, kinda like Sandcruiser, you never get stuck and everyone lusts after your truck, plus jeep owners get seriously jealous...
ill seacond the jeep statment above. and the one about the back seats. O yea and when everything you do is custom down to the 1/2 rhino lining paint job and eveyones gotta get a closer look... yea thats y i love my 60. (besides the fact its a land cruiser)
I love my 62 becasue it has an overdrive and I don't get flipped off for going the speed limit, and because it is way cool.
it has got personality...not like all the wanabees being sold out there right now...it is really awsome because of the diesel smell and noise too!!!

I love it even more since the OME suspension install , it seems to ride better every week !

Once I install the turbo I will probably fall in love all over again !

Love mine because you can do soooo may mods to them. More than what I had thought when I first got mine. The lift kits, bumpers, racks, lights, motor swaps, and the list goes on and on.

I love this machine because it will go anywhere and do almost anything.

The rubberneck effect is awesome. Seeing people wip their heads around, give a thumbs up and wave as they go by to figure out what the hell kind of huge metal tank am I driving. This my friend is priceless and an awesome feeling.

Also pulling other trucks (not toyota) out of the mud is by far the best feeling with the 60s.

'Cause it doesn't feel/look/ride as if it were designed by a computer program assisted by a car-design-school graduate; also the utterly superior visibility.

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