Why do this to a 4wd

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Dec 20, 2003

This is a guy that does search and rescue
Here in Texas they have damn Tahoes and F150s. I should have been nailed one time by an F150, but I guess it was a nice cop. Looked in rear view mirror and saw a truck so thought nada of it, looked again after 30 seconds and got really scared... :eek:

Hey all , This is Breezey from Yotatech.com :) (owner of toy4runner.com)

For the video, I had someone who asked what does it look like with everything on :) so i took a snap :)
I'de rather they drive a 4Runner than some domestic vehicle that only lasts for 100k miles... :D

Here in Utah, a good part of the police/sherriff vehicles are 4wd. Salt Lake County (biggest one) has a Hummer that they used for Search and Rescue... The US Forest Service and the BLM in Moab, use semi-built TJ's for patrol...
Lucky bastid... only the chief gets to have a siren here in NC...

But this is my setup on my D/D... If you aren't lit up engine, they don't even pay attention around here.


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