Why do my breaks on a 1970 FJ40 still have a fade

Dec 28, 2019
running springs california
Search this forum for e-brake adjustments. When i 1st got my FJ40 it was the 1st thing i fixed. I did not know anything about drum brakes or the parking brake - luckily this forum is filled with AWESOME info! For me the e-brake was a simple fix that didn't cost a thing.
The drum brakes were another story... after I replaced all drum cylinders on all four tires, it took me 2 or 3 days to properly adjust my brakes. After you bleed and make your 1st adjustment, you need to drive it, adjust again, drive it, adjust again, etc.
There's lots of great write-up about this.
Have Fun!
Sweet that’s the next thing I will do thanks man
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