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Who's got the 4-1-1 on splash dives?

Discussion in 'Chit-Chat' started by stayalert, Jul 18, 2005.

  1. stayalert

    stayalert SILVER Star

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    Sep 28, 2004
    Norwich, VT
    This past weekend I got to go to a pool with a diving board (something I don't often get to do) and had fun when the teenage lifeguards called "adult swim" I turned to my wife and she threw me a :rolleyes: 'cause she knew what was coming....I b-o-i-n-g-e-d :bounce: off the board and NAILED my first can opener. The result was sufficent to rain on the "deep end"gaurd and draw gasps of "oh the nerve" response from a sun tanning primpin' pool hanging sun sucker that was walking by. Other witnesses just shook their heads feeling pity.... I'm only 40 and have only recently just starting to hit my stride on splash dives....My wife and kids are starting to get the hang of giving me constructive feedback....my wife looked around to make sure noone was looking a her and flasihed me an 8 on my 1st attempt...She hasn't yet seen my most recent pursuit...The front free-form somersault with 1/2 twist into a can opener.....I aspire to control the rotation and be able to direct the spalsh in a predictable/pre-meditated manner....mwuhahahahah!!!

    I'm not as familiar with cannon balls but am trying to learn those as well in order that I can provide some encourage my kids in a positvce manner.

    Rodney - you are THE MAN
  2. swank60


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    Aug 26, 2002
    One of Four Presidential Flying Saucers
    Man, the cannonball is the ONLY way to go! I haven't done that since high school...

    What you need to do is get more adults in on your scheme and see if you can't "rock" the pool. Everyone gets into a diving routine where they do a big splash dive, then swim quickly to the edge of the pool and repeat. With five or so people doing this, you can usually get the pool spilling over the edges in a matter of minutes.

    It's a beautiful thing.