Who's Cruiser in Lincoln? (part 2)

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corn man

Sep 13, 2009
Lincoln, NE
Also saw this one in Lincoln a couple weeks ago at UNL's rock climbing wall--really nice one! Anyone on here claim it?
Mine looked like that one many years ago... Same color and for a while all I had on it for mods was an ARB & winch. That is about when the madness starts.
That is a nice one. Looks to be in my part of town. But never seen it before…
It didn't have plates so no telling where it is from. Plus, if you look close, it looks like the hood is unlatched.
hey guys! that 80 from a million years ago up top on this page is my old one, but it was stock when I had it. it now belongs to a buddy, who did all the work on it you see in the pic. I think when I sold it to him in 2003 it had 55,000 miles on it? its pretty rad! 97 40th anniversary. it didn't have the lockers.

that 40 is pretty rad too!
corn man! I saw you driving down normal Saturday morning while I was walking the dog, and DANG! your truck is clean! looked good.
Thanks—just got it washed that day and was heading downtown—still the most reliable vehicle I own!
I spotted this 40 leaving the HyVee lot on N84th around 5 pm. I got back in my car to see if I could catch him - it's a tractor after all - nope - Long stop light and he disappeared

I flew down to Costa Rica and bought a few cars recently. A rust free BJ40. It's been converted to a 5 speed 70 series transmission and disc brakes front and rear. Took me months to find one worth buying there. Really fun to drive. Also got a 50 year old Series III Land Rover. Besides a frame off restoration the nicest one I have seen. A quirky old vehicle that's for sure.



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