Who's 60?

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Now there's a nice replacement for the 80!
I saw it pre-new paint

I saw that one in CBus on campus with the CO plates this winter is had a few dents and rust forming in the paint chips. Looks like someone did a nice job on the paint. I had some pix of it but deleted them.
Buy it pete....My wife said no. It looks nice from the pix.
Has anyone seen this thing lately up close?? I have been trading emails with this guy and I got some pics but, nothing is better than close and personal.!! If someone could possibly check this out and relay the info I would be very greatfull!!

If your serious and he is close to Upper Arlington than I will look at for you, if it is really good I buy it from under you ;p

He's still sending me pics!! And yes I'm very serious!! I just went and drove an 87 for sale up here, the other day! Too much cancer but mechanically great. If you are willing once I get more pics I might ask you to go and check it out!! thanks, damon
I would rather just get you on the cell phone and walk you through the car, pics and downloading too much work. I will try to find a magnet to check bondo.

Well the add said it sold!!! I guess I was being too precautious!! thanks anyway Buckeye.

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