Whoa just found this sectiion holly crap. Im a local

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Apr 25, 2005
Hello everyone i live in baltimore. Curentlyhave a fj-62 sitting on stock springs and chromerims running 32 11/50s on it right now. getting ready to stick 33 12/50 trxus swampers on it .

O and im always looking for someone to go wheeling with. My girlalso has a 95 yj wrnagler she wheels in.

Whens the next time someone is going to gorge washington?

Just thought i would say hello.:cheers:
That's a good lookin' truck you got there. The next trip on our schedule is to Rauch Creek in late Feb, but some of us might put something together sooner. I'm sure it will be posted here.

Also, if you're itching to do some wheeling, post a message in the Trail Rides Section here. I'm sure you'll get some response.

I know it might be a haul from Baltimore, but we've got a meeting next Wed at 7:30. You should come on down.

I'm going down to Katemcy for the round up in March! Now I gotta rush to get the cruiser done
i did post a pic of it didnt I? I thought i did anyways. i dont see it there now lol
thankls for the wellcome
I can see your pics just fine.

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