who to use to press in panhard bushings

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May 31, 2010
I have a extra panhard bar and new OEM bushings on order. Who should I use to press out the old and press in the new. The bar is ou5 of the truck so it should be a lot easier. But I would like to have it done while i wait or drop it off pick it up in 3 hour kind of thing. I just cant make two trips to bozeman for it. Would dark horse be good or the dealership? Anyone better? I know it is basic shops work but even basic stuff can be messed up.
Not one hundred percent sure what you are talking about, but the local parts store should have a bushing press in their loaner program that may do the trick.
Thanks. I will see what he will charge or accept as a bribe.

Maybe I will get him to weld up a reinforcement onto me rear control arms and then replace those bushings as well. You know...while I am in there.
Thanks for the input. Drop the parts off at rising sun today!

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