Who sells 40 series brake "T" fittings?

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Apr 1, 2006
I seem to have lost one that was on my front axle, so I'm going to get a fresh pair for my new disc brake system. Anyone know who sells them and what the thread size is? I see two different ones at Summit, but they aren't metric.

Need some help here brake experts......THANKS!
Got mine for a 67 at spector off road. They only offered used parts, but they were definitely in usable condition. I can't recall the metric size but enterd the year and they fit. Also bought male ends and made my own replacement lines. These ends were new, not used.
So happens I gotta chase the threads on the front axle junction on my '81 FJ40. Thread on that is 10MM by 1.0MM. Don't know if that's common to all the 40s though ... That's from memory. Let me know (hit me with a PM) if you need me to double check/confirm. I still have to go buy the tap, so no problem.
Early 69 and before are 9mm. They switched to 10mm in September 69.
Alex -

I went by today and picked up one of those Brakequip T's and it works perfectly. I went to a shop in Ft. Worth and they only had one so they are ordering another one so I can stick it on the front axle.

part #BQ91A
BrakeQuip Automotive Fittings; 3 Way Tube Tees


Link to my thread on the T:


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