Who owns an FJ40 built between 9/69 and 3/70

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May 25, 2013
Nashville, Tennessee
I know for sure that a 9/69 FJ40 has 9mm line nuts and a 3/70 has 10mm line nuts. What month between there was the first to have 10mm? If you have a Cruiser from in-between those two dates, post here and state which size brake line nuts your truck has.

Does anybody really know....?
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I'm not sure (someone here will be dead sure), but almost all changes were made at 9th month every year. I still have rear disc brake conversion hoses for 9mm and 10mm, but I don't list them by year, only by size.
Never mind. The 3/70 is more of a Frankenweenie than I thought. Half drum/half disc/half 10mm/half 9mm.

Oddly, the front is the disc and the frame lines are 9mm. The back is original but somehow swapped out for 10mm.

Thanks anyway.

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