WHO makes the BEST aftermarket metal recovery points?

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Jan 7, 2013
San Diego
who makes the best heavy duty D-RING that wil fit your 2" receiver, to use as a receovery point/ winch point. And while we are on the topic what manufactures are at the top of the quality list when it comes to D-rings, and other recovery hardware that can be weled onto your front and rear bumper or frame. Just as many say WARN is #1 when it comes to winches, I wanted your guys opinions if there is a clear winner when it comes to buying heavy duty recovery points that can be added to your aftermarket front and rear bumpesr. Thanks guys!!
IMHO Jonesy's Offroad carries the best recovery points for our trucks. Several guys on here are running those. As for shackles, look no further than Vanbeest (Which Jonesy's also carries). Hope this helps
The BEST aftermarket recovery point was made by SpressoFab, however sourcing problems ended that production run. Hitches are generally not considered recovery points because of their low weight rating. Better to have something tied directly to a frame rail. Granted the full Toyota hitch does span the rails (unlike the bolt-on hitch), but it's maximum is reduced. Even the heavy aftermarket bumpers put their recovery points directly inline with the frame mounts.

Technically, a D-ring is not what you want. A true D-ring is only rated for a straight pull. A Bow Shackle, however, is rated for all directions. Most people will refer to a Bow Shackle as a D-Ring, but they're different animals.
moved to recovery forum since your question was not about 100-specific items.

and what do you mean by a D-ring that fits a 2" receiver, exactly? Not to mention that welding a D-ring to a bumper would take some thinking.
I orginaly meant about the 2" hitch that comes from the factory on the 100 series and also I thought that there may be different recovery points made specically for the 100 series and especially the weight of the 100 series. Those were my reason for posting it here. But if you are going to move it can you at least also receommed my orginal question. THANK you and I will be more careful where I post in the future
THANK YOU for hlpeing me!!! You are the man. WHen I was talking about using the Toyota Hitch with the 2" receiver I thought I could use that as a recovery point also after I run a Metal piece into the receiver that has a Bow Shackle at the end. Since I dont know what recovery points are built into the TJM T-13 Front Bumper or a rear bumper I still need to buy. Sorry e9999 didn't know how to get this properly transferred over to the other forum and thank FLAMMABLEFIRE for being the only one to HELP ME with a name and a vendor I can buy the equipment I need!!
Feel free to repost in the 100 series forum, of course, if you have a 100-specific question. Try to be a bit clearer, though. You may also want to read about the difference between D- rings and D-shackles.
Here are some:


You do have to be sensible as to what kind of recoverys you perform with the hitch as OregonLC stated above.

Personally I prefer them to be of the style with two pin holes allowing you to rotate 90 deg.

Same site has a selection of shackles etc as well.

NO affiliation but some of their junk is in my drawers.
I personally wouldn't waste a bunch of $ on a fancy receiver hitch "stinger" style tow point. It only has to be stronger than the next failure point. More often than not I just stick the tow strap into the hitch and put the pin through it. Just make sure you take a grinder and round the corners of your hitch face so it's not going to cut the strap. One of these guys for $30 is probably as good as any other:
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