Who makes best carpet kit for 60 series?

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Nov 15, 2003
I am thinking about replacing the carpet in my 62. I know that Specter Off Road and Cool Cruisers of Texas both have them. Does anyone have any recommendations?
I got my 60 carpet from CCOT and can't complain about it. I looks nice and smells much better. I tried to order one from JT Outfitters, it sounded really nice but it never came in the mail. So I called them and they told me a company in California makes the kit for them and they could never get a hold of them so I cancelled the order.
I purchased the carpet kit from SOR for my FJ55 and think its great. I got mine on sale which helped with the cost but it is a great fit and well made and really helps to 'dress up' the cruiser. I take out some of the carpets when wheelin' (it came in 7-8 pieces) and then throw 'em back in later. Helps with noise reduction also. They have held up well (so far) for the year I have had them. Hope this helps a little.
man-a-fre or sor (i dont remember whitch) has a pvc one that looked cool if more of a off road type car than a car you would take a client in
Did my 62 with outdoor carpet from Home Depot. Took bout 8hrs to do the entire truck....really wasn't that bad at all installing. It had a really tight weave and was rubber coated on the underside...was really sweet. Buddy that bought off me still has it and it looks just as good as the day I installed it...bout 4years ago. Think the total was about 40 bucks and some elbow grease.

If you are interested in this route lemmi know and I'll go inta more detail.

Happy holidays fellas!
Yo Han
..just incase I don't keep on this tread you can email me @ jkim589108@aol.com. I have some pix somewhere to that i can email ya, if interested in this route.

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