Who is along the way from Vancouver BC to Fresno California?

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Feb 26, 2003
Sherwood Park, Alberta
Looks like I will be driving down to pick up an FJ60 in Fresno this coming weekend!
Will be driving the truck back to Vancouver Canada. What I am wondering is, if there is anyone along the way I could possibly rely on for help if I have a problem? I am hoping there are no issues, but who knows what could happen!
Anyhow any contacts would be much appreciated, I will be taking the I-5.
You can always PM me.
Great thanks guys!
It might be cool to meet up anyways, not sure how much time I will have, but I could always plan a trip down one day when the swap is all done!
I started a thread about the swap in the diesel section. A few pics on there right now.
I live in Fresno and can help if needed. 10 min from 99 and Ashlan. Ill pm you my #
Are you sure this trip isn't hockey related?:hmm:

I'm in the bay area by the way, pm if help is needed.
Haha good question no it is not actually, Although how much are the sharks tickets down there? Gurr would you mind PMing your number as I don't think I will have internet acces down there.
Thanks everyone for all the replys so far, it is very reassuring to know there is help if I need it!
Nice to meet you too! We will have to meet up again soon. So I called Lordco and the redline was $19! Called mopac and was $12 something.

So I will be leaving Vancouver early Saturday morning to try and avoid border line-ups. The owner faxed all the stuff to the border on Monday, so should be good to go I hope!
Hopefully I can get things sorted out with the truck down in Fresno on Sunday...
My brother wants to spend a day in San Fran not sure what day that will be...

It is amazing to have such great support everywhere! I wish I was driving my cruiser down there, but we will be going in my brothers civic to save some time and we will have A/C too, besides, I guess I can't drive both cruisers back!
I will be looking the Cruiser over Fri afternoon for you. I'll call you while I am there.
i'm right off hwy5 in stockton, just south of sacramento.

lemme know if you guys need a place to crash, a hot meal, a place to wrench,.......

georg @ valley hybrids
Great thanks!
That is very kind! Not sure if we will be coming back that way, but will keep you mind for sure!

I am in Corning California right now, 12 hours of driving from Vancouver. Should be picking up the Cruiser tomorrow then driving it to San Fran where we will stay a night then start driving it back home.
How are things coming? Sorry we didn't get a chance to meet. I am looking to moving to Alaska this summer, maybe we could meet up then.
So far so good. Will be crossing the border tomorrow morning sometime, hope it all goes well!

Yeah if you head up to Alaska let me know for sure!

Have driven my new FJ60 from Fresno to San Francisco, I am now about an hour north of seattle. My first time driving a 2F, this thing hauls pretty good! Have been cruising between 65 and 70mph the whole time.

This 2F with tranny and transfer will be for sale once I take it out, in case anyone is interested. I will probably post it in the for sale area soon.

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