Who has the most miles??? Post them up boys!

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Aug 23, 2008
Alaska and Oregon
1996 Toyota Tacoma

276,000 Miles

McMinnville, OR
1984 4runner the just spun all 4 rod bearings had about 400,000 the actual i can't say the truck i got it from was my neihbors and when the speedometer started squeeking he dis connected it and drove it least 120 miles aday for 4 0r 5 years when he dis conected it it had 250,000 miles on it i pulled it and used it in my 84 4 runner when i converted it to fuel injection
we traded in our plain 5 spd 2wd work trucks last year and all of them had over 300K on them and they ran fine.

I have a 1997 4runner with 161,200 miles on it and I get about 18mg in commuter driving
1998 4Runner. 181,000. 5VZ-FE V6. Better than 20 MPG routinely. Planning on running it for at least 250,000.

2001 w/ 87,000 miles...

Do I win? :hillbilly:
2001 Taco w/ approx 148,000 miles - and I expect another 150K out of it too!
96 4runner v6 4wd. 168k. Only brakes, tires, oil changes, and and a timing belt so far. Almost due for the next timing belt and I figure I'll replace all the rubber hoses at that point.
00 Tacoma with 217,000 and no major issues
1998 Tacoma 5vzfe , 5spd, 169 000 miles. Doesnt burn or leak oil, runs strong, slight tick at idle.

YouTube - Tacoma Crossing
Some Toyota mechanic said he sees 4Runners/Tacomas with 4-500k miles every now and then. I hope to get up there. Only at 127k right now.
218 miles on my 2009 V6 DC Preunner. What do I win:D
1995 Tacoma 3.4 181,000
1985 4Runner 22RE 298,000
1989 FJ62 355,000 and has never had any work on the drivetrain. Runs great:)
96 runner 180K ish
How about an 84 Diesel Landcruiser? Wrong section I know:)
00' 4runner barely broke in with 157k on the clock

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