Who has the baddest, wickedest battery terminals?

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Apr 1, 2006
Who makes the baddest, wickedest battery terminals?

Let's see your hardcore, mil-spec, over the top, last vehicle left on earth battery terminals.....I need a set for my V8 conversion and have not picked any out yet. Also do note where I may purchase said terminals....:p
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heres whats mine look like. SHT301 is the part number and they are made by stinger. also you can get them for differant size wires,also has a built in volt meter
Get out....no way.
I was thinking utility, Ken, but yes those are bad.
This is what I run with.
Optima Battery Tray 01.jpg
Hey 'Shu did you make those excelene cables? Says "welding 600V" on them and thpse look like they'd suit me.
or this option..:p

Man, you do good looking wiring jobs. :beer:

I have experienced good luck with the Hi-Amp circuit breakers in the 20-60 amp range. I see the 100 amp one in your pic. What has your experience been with them in the higher values? What circuit will that unit be protecting?

I like the manually resettable H-Amp breakers w/off switch units. Makes working on that circuit under the hood easy. Just turn that circuit off. :D
Sorry for hi jack the topic, coolerman the 100 amp its for my jumper cable in the front bumper,but we have also 120 amp and 150 amp ,waterproof, never have any problem with that brand,i can post more of my job but thats not the idea here,anyway thanks for the nice words and thats its my everyday arroz con habichuelas jaja (Puertorican slang)....:meh::hillbilly::flipoff2:
But if you guys want to check some bad ass wiring on battery systems,check what i have to deal with...slide out trays... 4d batt. and even a small second floor on the small comparment..not easy but funny... :bounce:
Picture 043.jpg
Excuse the interruption...I stumbled across this in my search for battery info.

You wouldn't happen to know if those "Alliance" labeled batteries are the same as "Paccar" labeled "heavy-duty" d31? I found some Paccar labeld ones very cheap on CL but can find little to no info at all on them, only that their used in heavy duty truck app's like Kenworth.
Here is the CL listing with a pic of the Paccar and i'd bet by the looks of you Alliance its the same....how are those?


BTW....great wiring job:clap: What do you do for a living?
Apart from labelling and terminals that looks the be the same as a CAT battery I have.. They install them here in the 1300 underground loaders where theyre built in Tasmania.. My brother got me two of them.. My 8274s love them, they seem to be a good battery.. 950CCA from memory.. Can be made fit the stock battery tray..
Those paccar batt. and alliance are the same specifications, the alliance( free maintenance) came from factory on the trucks that we buy,but same amp that VK7YBi post.

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