who has rollover video in Katemcy

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Apr 30, 2002
I am in search of video of my roll over on the Saturdat evening run at Roundup on a new early bronco trail. The guy shooting video was driving a yellow fj40 and had a couple of kids with him. He got some pretty good video of my olive drab 40 turning turtle off of a bfr. Anyone know who it might be?
Thanks, Rusty
Rusty, Check with Matt(Coolcruiserfj40) he may have it on vid. Not sure if Ron Safrano(Spell) had his camera ready when ya flopped, but he had quite a few roll overs as well. He was nice enough to give Dave(Rustynuts) a cd copy so maybe check with him.

I dont think Ron was out there with us. This rollover happened Sat. evening. I dont think Matt caught it on tape either, but I know that it was video'd. I just didnt catch the guy's name.

Just cause you don't remember it....

No, I remember this one. It was the rollover on Thursday night that I dont remember. That knot on my head is just about gone now.

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