Who has more than 250k miles on original head gasket?

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Aug 20, 2015
Denver, CO
Had the 80 in the shop today for more preventative maintenance and mechanic performed test that showed no infiltration of exhaust gases in coolant. He said that some 1fzj motors never have problems with the HG. Mine is a 1995 with 292k miles and runs great. Is this an anomaly or do others have the same experience?


'93 OBD1 here, similar mileage. No evidence of replaced HG.

There are others. We are legion.

Stay strong.
Install catch can. Rebuild head sooner than later.
250k on 93 and HG hanging in

This should maybe be reposted as a poll with mileage ranges of ppl who did HG and those who haven't.
1997 with something like 265k on original head gasket. I have read that Toyota made some improvements in the head gasket during the last year or two of production. No idea if that is true or not as the part number didn't change.
260k original head gasket. I was thinking it would go one day and could do the valve stem seals and fix all the leaks but never happen.
My ‘97 LX had the HG replaced at ~ 40K by a Lexus dealer under warranty in ‘98. Now it’s at ~ 350K and still has great compression.

So…, not the original HG, but it is a 1998 HG that has over 300K on it and is still going strong.
😑. How untimely. Knocking on 300k and just lost mine. ‘94, original HG I was told.
I have a 1994 and a 1995 with mileage in excess of 250k on the OEM HGs. I'm currently replacing a HG on my other 1995, with the same mileage.
1995 w/230k miles on original HG
…knock on wood
At 282k my HG was working fine. I pulled the head to have a valve job done, and put a new HG on it. The old one looked fine.
I have one my son is driving with 499k miles. I bought it with 129k miles in 2005. AFAIK, it has original head gasket. It certainly hasn't been replaced in last 370k miles. It has overheated twice over the years. Still no blown HG.
My '97 went 316K miles before the head gasket perished.
just lost mine at 280K but i had the fan clutch fail and overheat the truck.
I parked the truck at 277k when I noticed coolant loss. No gooey mess. Didn’t blow.

After engine pull, clear evidence it was time.


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