who can I trust to repair my 3b starter in Tacoma wa?

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Jan 11, 2008
I have a spare starter and it will need to be rebuilt. The other one on the truck acts up occationally. I think the brushes are almost totally warn/sticking because some times, I hear the solinoid clicking under the hood but all bets, the brushes are almost worn inside the starter...no movement of the armature.

If you try to fix it you might create more pollution and thus temps will rise outside.... but honestly I don't know.
Any competent mechanic could do it ,its not rocket science. Aisan starters don't vary much .
you have a spare starter in front of you?,
have you cracked it open to have a look, post some pics, it'll be fairly obvious,
as mentioned a starter is not something Elon Musk is open sourcing....
Yes the starter is denso. mm I would need to see what part number. I think the one on the truck is having worn brush syndrome. Aka, turn ignition over click click nothing then start again and starter turns over and truck starts. Brushes warn and no spring left to push the brushes onto commutator?

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