who built the cast iron turbo manifold ?

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Nov 27, 2009
Santa Cruz, CA
like the tittle says ??


who built it ?

is it still available ?

and if so where ?

i've done some searching but could use the help. thanks guys, just looking around trying to see options and what not...
I am not sure about the builder, but pretty sure Al Gore invented it.
wonder if landtank is ever gonna get a production version of his?
at this point I could offer a manifold with heat shield. On my build I have confirmed that everything does fit meaning a GT35R compressor housing has 1/4"clearance with the motor mount and that the down pipe can be nothing more than a tight radius 3"mandrel bent pipe and the routing of the waste gate pipe is cleasn and direct.

All this would require moving the AC return line but that has been worked out as well.

To go into production I would need 10 prepaid orders. Turn around would be around 1 month but maybe a little more.

I would need to confirm pricing as it's been a couple of years since I had the initial ones made but would expect them to be in the 750.00 range plus shipping.

Theses are not cast iron but ductile iron which is a better material choice.

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