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Aug 27, 2006
Truck info:
1997 FZJ80
153K mi

I have been having engine troubles lately. It started with EGR Insufficient flow, and then I was having a cylinder misfire at #5. After some searching I was convinced I was having a problem with the wiring harness. I read this post https://forum.ih8mud.com/showthread.php?t=118026&highlight=wire+harness and was having the same problems. So I examined the harness and all was well visually. So while the truck was running I tried moving the harnessw around to see if it would effect anything. nope.

So I wrestled the EGR valve off and cleaned it out. Reassembled and all seemed well. On the second lap around my neighborhood the bad idle came back. And a thick white smoke. I read some posts on white smoke and got convinced it was a blown head gasket.

Onur was over this morning and was poking around it. Before the engine warms up, everything is fine. As it warms up the idle gets worse and the smoke gets thicker. The smoke has a slight blue tint to it and does not smell like coolant. Instead it has a gas smell. We also noticed that at high RPMs there was smoke coming from the manifold side of the engine. There was a fluid dripping from the exhaust manifold. It was real hot (smoking actually) and greasy.

Once the engine cools down I will take off the heat sheilds. Is there anything specific I should look for? A break in the manifold gasket?
I worked up the nerve to drive it to Autozone. I needed more coolant, and to have the CEL read. (I let the battery die on yours Beowulf). Driving through my neighborhood the smoke trail was thick. But as I got about three blocks from my house it stopped. The rough idle was there, but no real loss of power. I got to autozone and had three codes:

Cylinder 5 misfire

Mass Air Flow sensor or
Manifold Absolute Pressure or

Intake Air Temperature

Now what those all mean...
I have no idea.:eek:
hmm maybe injecter #5 stuck:confused: .i just went through this on my 62.#4 was stuck wide open:eek: but it was not white smoke

The oil pressure gauge would move up as the RPMs did, and vice versa.

Since the fifth cylinder is misfiring it looks like alot of fluids are being pushed into the exhaust.

Here are pictures of the exhaust manifold:

Cut and paste from Beno's post in the FAQ:

P0100: Mass Air Flow Circuit Malfunction: Trouble Areas: open or shot in mass air flow meter circuit; mass air flow meter; ECM

P0110: Inside air temperature circuit malfunction: Trouble Areas: Open or short in intake air temp. sensor circuit; Intake air temp. sensor; ECM.

P0302-306: Cylinders 1-6:
Trouble Areas: Ignition system; injector; fuel line pressure; EGR; compression pressure; valve clearance not to specification; valve timing; mass air flow meter; engine coolant temp. sensor.
What does the #5 cylinder plug look like compared to the rest of them? Looking @ your pic it looks like oil coming from the exhaust, and that would also explain the bluish tint to the smoke. Pull the plug and see if its oil soaked. A leak down test might give you some answers as well. There are only so many places oil can get into the exhaust. Also check to make sure the PCV system is functioning properly.
Ruadhrigh any resolution to this? I'm experiencing something similar (two weeks ago for two mornings in a row, then not for ten days, then again this morning) with a rough idle that goes away when the engine is warm.

OZ 80, ridden hard and put away wet.
Gugh!:eek: That's horrible looking. I'm impressed that you weren't have overheating issues. Are you going to pull the block and steam clean it? Looks like all your inner channels are plugged. Is it gooey? Or hard deposits?
I am gonna try to get away with not pulling the block. The deposits are hard, and the radiator shop said my rad was fine. So I am going to run water for a while and then buy a rad flush kit and try flushing it a couple times. I had overheating issues at the end, but it was overshadowed by the injector problem...
You mentioned that you had to go to the auto parts store for more anti-freeze. Is it possible that you have been mixing different color anti-freeze and clogged it up. :confused:
Did you try a leak-down test before you took it apart ?

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