Wanted White or Champagne Pearl LX450

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United States
I am looking for an LX450 in either white or champagne pearl. Pretty much just considering the Lexus at the moment because of the color choices. Below are some particulars:

  • From the South (because of all the rust we have up here in the NE)
  • 150k miles or less, preferably. Will consider higher mileage for a good vehicle
  • Lockers - Would prefer them, but not necessarily a deal breaker
  • Maintenance/records of said maintenance - more important than lockers to me

This will be my first vehicle. I've known I wanted an 80 for a while now, as my uncle has owned several and I have gotten a good sense for the quality of the vehicle through this forum. I'm really trying to find one in good shape because I intend to take care of it and keep it for a long time. Because I'd like to hold on to it for a while, I am willing to wait for one that fits the criteria above pretty well, so if you have one you are selling or thinking of selling, please post it. Thanks so much!
Thanks for the reply! I'm not a big fan of the Cashmere color. I've decided to wait it out for a white one, preferably, or possibly a champagne one, since I hope to hold on to it for a while. I should probably mention that I am located near Philadelphia, but am willing to travel most places on this side of the Mississippi if the vehicle warrants it.
lx450 texas

Hi, you may have called me i am in texas and have a 97 lx450 and 91 land cruiser for sale, if interested let me know. thanks
I have this one in GA

Thinking about selling mine, but mine is built for war and far from stock. Has OME HD lift, Slee front, rear bumpers, Slee sliders, this list goes on.

Honcho rear.jpeg

Honcho side.JPG
Thanks so much for the responses! All three are great vehicles that I would love to own, but I'm afraid that they all are a bit more expensive than what I am searching for at the moment. At this point, my absolute maximum price is $9,000, though preferably a bit less because of travel/shipping and any repairs that may be necessary. 7shulz, I actually saw your vehicle before I knew it was for sale and really liked it, but again, I'm just looking for something a bit cheaper at this time. Woodman, again, a really nice vehicle, but unfortunately I think it may be a little more truck than I need at the moment. John H, pretty much the same thing, price is just more than I can consider right now. Really appreciate the responses though guys. Thanks again!
Good luck in your search....................we've all been through the search and search within budget constraints process before............my best advice is take your time, stick to your guns and resist either getting frustrated with the process and buying the wrong rig or getting frustrated and never buying a rig. Cruisers are great cars, they become a great hobby and you will find the Cruiser community to be full of a lot of great folks.
Lets talk

go to my ad and it has my number and email give me a call or email lets talk. John
Thanks for the encouragement Woodman, it's been somewhat frustrating trying to look at all these different vehicles and decide whether to buy or wait for a better one to come along! John H - I'm afraid the combination of the higher price, secondary color choice, lack of lockers, and the distance between Texas and Pennsylvania makes your truck a worse option for me. None of those things individually are deal breakers, but when you add them up, I think it would probably be better for me to try and find something closer to home for a little less money. Its a nice truck, though, and I'll definitely consider it if I can't find what I'm looking for right now. Thanks again guys!
Half way

For The 11,000 i will drive it to Nashville if you change your mind you can call me.
Mine is coming up for sale, not a 91 but a white 96. And its completely build, beyond built actually. I am making a website for it right now, will be big dollars, not sure what your budget is

1. Subaru hood scoop
2. FJ 100 vents in hood
3. ARB Snorkel
4. African outback roof rack custom lowered to fit in my garage
5. 50 inch LED by Rigid mounted to rack
6. 12V plug on roof rack for party lights and tent light, fan
7. ARB front bumper with LightForce HID lights
8. LED bulbs with clear lens on ARB
9. Shovel on front bumper
10. 12V outlet on bumper for Hot water shower
11. Hot water shower quick connects on front bumper
12. CB radio antenna on ARB, quick disconnect
13. Slee AC dryer guard on ARB
14. Side LED lights on ARB
15. HD d-rings on ARB
16. Warn 8000 winch with synthetic Viking rope
17. Rubber fair lead for synthetic rope
18. Custom power steering cooler under winch
19. Slee sliders with custom roost guard
20. Slee rear bumper with receiver hitch, HD D-rings and tow hitch and hidden trailer tow plug
21. Back up camera
22. LED license plate light
23. High lift jack, ax, pick on rear tire mount
24. Back up light mounted to bumper, automatically comes on when in reverse
25. Silblade wipers all around
26. Tinted windows
27. LED tail lights
28. All exterior bulbs converted to LED
29. Upgraded headlights converted to HID
30. Clear front turn signal lens
31. Super bright LED back up bulbs
32. Sat radio antenna mounted on Rigid light
33. Hella horns
34. Replaced shift lock
35. Extra 12V plug in front for shower pump
36. Trailer brake controller
37. Level gauge
38. Fresh cleaning of under carriage, undercoated, POR15 chassis paint
39. New steering shaft seat on fire wall to keep heat out of cab
40. Both sun visors replaced
41. Driver side mirror replaced to fix wobbly glass


1.TRD supercharger installed with head gasket at 151500 miles on 9-23-10. All preventive maintenance parts replaced while apart
2.*2.75 super charger pulley
3. Both knock censors replaced
4. 3FE cooling fan
5. Modified blue fan clutch with 30,000 ml of Mugen silicone
6. New Head gasket
7. Valve job with adjustment during head gasket job
8. Head refurbished
9. VSV valve replaced
10. Oil pump seals replaced
11. Exhaust studs, y pipe studs replaced
12. Fuel injectors sent off for cleaning and balancing
13. All rubber vacuum hoses replaced
14. Toyota cleanable air filter installed
15. High Power Sequoia alternator installed
16. Water pump and thermostat replaced
17. Idler pulley and belts replaced
18. All coolant hoses replaced
19. EGR modulator replaced
20. Dual Die Hard Platinum battery's
21. Blue Sea fuse box
22. Plugs, wires, coil and distributer cap with button replaced
23. New radiator
24. Aux electric cooling fan on a switch
25. All oil changes done with full synthetic oil and Toyota oil filters for the since 2/06/02
26. Fuel pressure regulator replaced
27. Fuel pump and fuel sock replaced
28. Custom made exhaust that goes above frame on passenger side
29. PHH changed to silicone
30. Power steering pump replaced
31. Starter replaced
32. Charcoal canister replaced
33. Oil level sensor gasket replaced
34. Denso O2 sensors replaced
35. Engine wire harness rewrapped and insulated
36. Power steering fluid changed annually
37. Engine oil separator installed
38. New PVC gasket


1. Master cylinder replaced
2. Resent front rotors installed
3. EBC brake pads
4. 100 series pads in front
5. Extended steel braided lines front and back
6. All rubber hoses replaced
7. Fluid bled twice a year
8. E brake pads replaced for the heck of it.


1. Factory lockers
2. Aussi t-case locking switch installed with 7 pin mod
3. 4:88 gears
4. (5) 315/75R16 GoodYear dura tracks
5. Black TRD wheels with 1 inch spider trax spacers
6. Custom valved 2.0 Fox shocks with external compression adjusters with fresh rebuild
7. All fluids used have been synthetic, even the wheel bearing grease
8. Slee t- case skid plate
9. New motor and tranny mounts
10. Tranny and t case vents extended
11. Tranny fluid drained and filled every other oil change
12. Steering box fully rebuilt 100 series sector shaft with pitman arm installed
13. High and low pressure power steering hoses replaced
14. Slee speedo calibrator installed to correct speedo
15. New HD Tom Woods double cardin drive shafts front and rear just installed

Rear axel
1. Factory Lockers
2. Custom adjustable built HD lower control arms
3. Adjustable upper control arms
4. Adjustable track bar
5. HD sway bars from Australia
6. Landtank extended sway bar mounts
7. Diff breather extended
8. All bearings and seals replaced during regear
9. Synthetic fluid always used
10. Spidertraz spacers

Front axel

1. Factory locker
2. Slee weld on castor plates
3. Adjustable track bar
4. Control arm bushings replaced
5. Extended sway bar mounts
6. Rebuilt knuckles : every bearing and seal replaced
7. Diff breather extended
8. All tie rods replaced
9. Always synthetic fluid in diff
10. Custom Johnny joint off of the100 series drag link
11. Spidertraz spacers

Lift kit
1. Slee 4 inch coils with 1 inch spacers, medium front and heavy progressive back springs
2. HD spring rate, rides very plush
3. New TJM steering dampener
4. Fox 2.0 shocks custom valved with remote reservoir , compression adjuster knobs


1. Katzkin 2 tone perforated leather seats. Grey and Black
2. New seat roam installed in front seats
3. Aftermarket arm rest for driver seat
4. Insulated floor boards and center console. Done to keep cabin quit and to protect from engine heat
5. light switches installed in center console for exterior lights
6. Floor well lights on switch
7. CB with weather radio
8. Rover and Aux Toyota cup holders
9. All interior lights converted to LED
10. Wired for Valentine radar detector
11. Review mirror with map lights and auto dim installed
12 Scan Gauge
13. Extra 12v plug in front, always hot regardless of key position
14. Extra 12v plug in back
15. New front window gaskets/ felts inside and out
16. New front window tint
17. New Toyota sun visors

Sound system

1. Blue tooth for cell phone
2. Kenwood Head unit Nav system
3. 8" Hand made German Maestro components in front doors with custom enclosures
4. 6.5 Handmade German Maestro components in rear doors
5. All doors dyno matted on exterior and interior layers of the doors
6. (2) Rockford P3-DVC Punch 12" subs in custom box
7. Rockford T600-4 150Wx4 high end amp
8. Rockford T1500-1CP 1500 Watt bass amp
9. 0 gauge HD wiring to Aux fuse box just for stereo
10. Viper Alarm with smart start and GPS tracking, I can also start/Arm the truck with my iPhone*from anywhere
11. Back up camera

Over-landing package

1. Ez Awn 1900 king size RTT with extra padding installed
2. ARB Touring Awning 2000
3. Trasharoo
4. Edge Star Refrigerator Model FB630
5. HD drawer system
6. 120 solar panel with quick connect to front bumper
7. Sears Platinum Dual batteries
8. CB with weather radio
9. Built in drawer system with HD slides and top anchoring system for cargo
10. IBS battery monitor system
11. Hot water shower with new Heavy Duty water pump, heat is controlled by stock heater switch
12. High lift jack
13. Ax and Pick mounted on rear swing tire carrier
14. Tailgate storage by Wagon gear
15. 20 Gallon custom underbelly fresh water tank with skid plate on a RV style demand pump
16. ARB Safari snorkel
17. African Outback roof rack
18. On board air by Quick Air 3 Model# QA302
19. Navigation system by Kenwood
20. Warn 8000 Winch with Viking synthetic cable
21. Steps mounted to spare tire for roof access
22. Toyota PTO switch for winching
23. Foldable chairs


1. 50 inch Rigid LED light bar
2. LED side lights on ARB Bumper
3. Dual 55 watt bulb reverse light, auto on when in reverse
4. LED tail lights with high output LED reverse light
5. Front headlights converted to HID high and low beam 55 watt
6. Light Force lights converted to HID 55 watt
7. All interior lights converted to high output LED
8. Angel eye LED strip under stock headlight, great lighting around camp

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