For Sale White 97 Land Cruiser, Overland Build by Slee 124K Original miles and Factory Locking Differentials

Aug 22, 2013
United States

MORE PHOTOS: Dropbox - Land Cruiser photos - Simplify your life

The Land Cruiser was bought new at Scottsdale Toyota and was kept in North Scottsdale, AZ and was never taken off the pavement. The second owner, also from the Scottsdale area, bought it is 2003 with 30,000 miles on it, as a 3rd vehicle and was used sparingly but taken on forest service roads and real light 4x4-ing. The Land Cruiser was maintained by the same local dealer and their Sr. Tech through the first two owners for which I have all the receipts. I am the third owner and I purchased it in 2014 with 68,000 miles on it.

I built the truck to get me to the Arctic Ocean so I could put my hand in the water, for no other reason than “It was something I had to do.” I lived out of it for 3 months, close to 16,000 miles driven an additional 3,000 miles on the Maritime Highway and I also did about 1,000 miles by bush plane to places I couldn’t take the truck… I completed the trip back in 2015 (July thru October) and have mostly kept it stored (driven about 10,000 miles in last 2 ½ years) thinking I would do a similar trip or two which has never really come together so I have decided to sell it.

All work and maintenance, which has been done to the truck since I bought it, was performed either at Slee Offroad (Original build they did all the work) in Golden CO. or at Pedersen Toyota in Ft. Collins, CO. where I live by the Lead Mechanic who is a devoted Land Cruiser guy. I also have all service records/history dating back through the original owner.

I have kept up on maintenance as needed and/or recommended by the mechanic at Peterson’s and just had it into Peterson’s within the last couple months for a complete inspection and some maintenance which included a complete driveline service, Clean/Repack Front Axle, Bearings (Trunion Repack), all driveline fluids (Differentials), Mobil 1 5W30 Oil change, new muffler, fixed a P401 code (EGR) valve assy. and valve vacuum switch. The Land Cruiser passed the emissions test we have here in Ft. Collins.

The truck has never been in any accidents, has no rust, and has no mechanical issues.

What is worth mentioning is:

1) The windshield has cracks from a rock hit (in PHOTOS LINK)in the lower drivers side corner but the cracks have never propagated to a point where I would want to change it.
2) Drivers side mirror is loose in the mirror housing.
3) Drivers side rear passenger door lock is not always locking/unlocking with electric lock/unlock.
4) Small dent from the awning on the passenger (front) door (in PHOTOS LINK).
5) There are a few random small dents, which are in the Photos LINK

I have tried to state everything relevant and also document everything in the pictures, including all the things going with it. There is also a series of pictures, IN THE ABOVE LINK, to show how the wheels work for those who don’t know about the (DOT Legal) Rock Monster Wheels.

This is the Build:

· Pyroil Engine-Heater
· ARB 12v High Performance Compressor w/ ARB Pump UP kit (switch located on driver side dash)
· 1FZFE – Heater Hose Service (PHH)
· ARB Safari Snorkel

· Scanguage II mounted on dash near cigarette lighter outlet
· 2ndBattery Tray kit and SOF Washer Bottle Kit
· IBS Dual Battery System Controller
· IBS Remote Boost Module kit (located on floor in front of drivers seat)
· Dual Battery Parts: Military Terminals, Mega Fuse Holder & Fuse, 12v Outlets, Wiring, terminals and small parts
· Diehard Platinum AGM Battery – Group 34 – 2ndBattery Tray; 2ndbattery Fuse Box fed by 4ga wire, Protected by 100 AMP megafuse installed in engine bay
· Interstate MT7-34R AGM –Group 34 Battery – Main Tray
· (2) 12 volt outlets Installed and (1) “twin” USB outlet installed (back rear passenger side) with 2ndbattery Fuse Box fed by 4ga wire, Protected by the 100 AMP megafuse installed in engine bay

SUSPENSION: (Complete Slee 4” Lift with SLEE Billet Front Control Arms, which includes:)
· Slee 4” Front Coil Springs (Medium) 400#
· 25mm Front Spring Spacers
· Slee 80series Front Reservoir Shock -4in. Lift- 10.8” Stroke, 15.2” Com, 26” Ext. (14mm fixed pin top and bottom)
· Slee 4” Rear Coil Springs (Heavy) 600#
· Slee 80series Rear Piggyback Reservoir Shock -4in. Lift- 10.8” Stroke, 15.67” Com, 26.5” Ext. (14mm fixed pin top, eyelet bottom)
· OME Steering Damper
· Slee Billet Front Control Arms and Toyota Bushings (for Caster Correction)
· Front- Double Cardan Drive Shaft
· Front- Sway-bar Drop kit
· Front- 2” Bump Stop Drop Blocks
· Front- Adjustable Panhard Rod/bushings
· Rear- Sway-bar Drop kit
· Rear- 2” Bump Stop Drop Blocks
· Rear- Adjustable Panhard Rod/bushings
· Rear- Adjustable Upper Control Arms
· Stainless Extended Brake Line kit
· Extended Differential Breather kit

· AVM Heavy Duty Freewheel Hubs; Allows for Part-Time (RWD/4wd)
· OEM Center Differential Lock Switch added in dash (Viscous Coupler removed for Part-Time AVM kit)
· 1 degree Camber/Caster Adjustment Bearing
· NITRO 4.88 Differential Gear Set and Toyota 29 Spline Fit Kit, Bearings etc.
· RCV Chromoly Heavy Duty Upgrade Axle Set (FRONT)
· NITRO Full Floater Chromoly 30 Spline Axle Shafts (REAR)

· SOF – Rear Locker Guard
· SOF – Steel Belly Plate
· SOF – AC Dryer Skid Plate
· SLEE Tube Style Rock Sliders

· Rock Monster Wheels (5) Street LEGAL & DOT compliant Hutchinson Dual Beadlock; Rock Monster Wheels - Products
· Spidertrax Wheel Spacers 1.5”
· BFG KO2 35 x 12.5 R17 121R Load Range E Tires (new, 900miles on them)
· Drilled and Slotted Rotors Front/Rear and Brake pads

· Outback Drawer (RD 1045) 41.14"L x 21.06"W x 11.02"H and fit kit
· Outback Drawer (RD 1355) 53.35″L x 19.88″W x 12.2″H
· Cobra Compact CB Radio, Firestik Firefly CB Antenna
· RAM Tab-Tite Cradle for the Apple iPad Air 1-2 & 9.7” Tablets with case, skin or sleeve, w/ RAM POD 18” Rigid Aluminum Rod No Drill Vehicle Mount

· Line-X, Spray on Bedliner on the Hood and Fenders
· Front Runner Slimline II Rack (1345mm x 2166mm)
· ARB Deluxe FRONT Bumper
· Warn 9.5XP Winch w/ Synthetic Line and Hawse Fairlead w/ Factor 55 Prolink Shackle Mount
· SLEE REAR Bumper w/ Tire Carrier and Ladder w/ 2” SLEE Receiver for Bumper and Factor 55 2.0 Hitchlink
· Mount for ROTOPAX on Ladder; 4 gal Gasoline Cans, (2) mounted on ladder and (1) mounted on roof
· Hi-Lift X-TREME 48” jack and jack base
· EEZI-AWN BAT 270 Awning (mounted on Driver’s side)
· EEZI-AWN Swift Awning (mounted on Passenger side)
· Pelican 1730 Transport Case Interior: 34x24x12.5 (1) Bolted to Roof Rack, Passenger Side FRONT
· Pelican 1740 Protector Long Case Interior: 41x13x12 (3) total Bolted to Roof Rack, Front and Rear Driver Side and Rear Passenger Side
· MAXTRAX (2 SETS) mounted on Roof Rack

· ORIGINAL Seats I removed (3)
· TRASHAROO Spare Tire Bag
· All windows except windshield have ½ insulating foam “inserts” (pictured in Photos LINK), which can be put in to help reduce light and heat loss if sleeping in truck in cold climates.
· ARB Premium Recovery Kit, includes: Large Recovery Bag, ARB Orange Snatch Strap, ARB Green Tree Saver, ARB Winch Extension Strap, ARB Recovery Damper, Gloves, ARB D-Ring Shackles (2), ARB Snatch Block
· Slee Off-Road Exclusive Jac-Kof Tool; Slee - Recovery Gear
· QUIPALL – Portable Jump Starter
· TJM patch kit with Safety Seal patches added
· (2) different sized shovels
· Master Lock Industrial locks (all keyed the same) for roof boxes
· Tow Rope and misc. nylon straps and ropes
· (2) jack stands
· extra Toyota bottle jack
· Tire chalk block
· ROTOPAX extensions for ROTOPAX mounts on truck
· Extra Slats for the FRONT RUNNER Slimline II Roof Rack
· RYOBI Tools to include: 10” blade chain saw, (2) Lantern lights, high beam spot light, flash light, drill, air compressor (150psi), 12v battery charge, 110 battery charger, 2 regular batteries and 2 4volt batteries

There is a lot of other things which are in the pictures but I am not going to list

Aug 22, 2013
They did all the original installation work, Peterson Toyota did the service about 2 months ago now
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