Whine when start-up in upper RPMs

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Feb 26, 2003
Next to the Falls in OH
I have an 83FJ60 that upon start up I get a whine from under the engine bay at 2,500 RPM. This only happens the first couple of shifts then goes away. The truck is desmogged so I know it is not the air pump since I have had this happen in the past when the smog/air pumps go bad. I fear this could be my power steering pump going bad but am not sure. It seems like the power steering pump is weaker than it used to be but the change could have been progressive so I am not sure. I am not running the A/C when this sound occurs and I do have a Jim C smog pump idler that is only 1 year old.

Will a power steering pump on the way out whine?
mine will groan pretty good if its a little low and its a bit cold out. i fill it waaay up and it takes care of it
I think I may just try the flush with ATF and hope that helps. Can a power steering pump go bad without leaking?
it just sounds like a loose or rotten belt to me.:meh:
any dry cracking of the belts?
also, if/when you redo the belts make sure not to over stretch the P/S belt (check the manual for recommended tightness) as this will cause the PS pump to prematurely expire.
anyone find that recommended tighness? i'd be intersted
How tight on the belt? And how do measure this?
I will replace the belts when I do the flush on the system. My current belt survived a smog pump seize so I know it is a little cooked. That is why I travel with spares.
I had a similar issue and it was the belt. The simple test is to remove it and run the motor (just for a few seconds) without the belt. Cruiser PS pumps are sort of a pain at this point in time. New replacements are extremely expensive and rebuilt pumps have a high failure rate. Saginaw is the way to go if you ask me. Dirt cheap, bomb-proof and more boost than stock.
I just changed and tightened belts and got rid of my squeels, you should be good. Just think "Nice and snug" and you'll probably get them the right tension. Remember, you can always crank them down more if the new belts squeel but changing a bearing is going to be a PITA so don't get too wild.

As far as it only happening at startup, it's probably as simple as hot belts getting better traction on the pulley wheels.
Fixed Problem

I did the flush/change of the Powersteering fluid to new full ATF. The old fluid was super nasty who know how old it was and what it was. That with a belt adjustment has fixed the problem and improved the power steering.

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